About This Blog

This blog focuses on sharing knowledge and personal life experiences around many topics including technology, food, culture, and entertainment. It’s where I come to practice writing and share anything that comes to mind. Not everything will be great and I hope to continually curate and improve the content here over the years.

About Me

I’m a Software Developer and System Administrator with a deep background in the food and beverage industry by family trade. My journey into software began early with a set of QuickBasic diskettes when I was 11 years old. First paid software development gig was at 13 years old because I wanted money to build a faster computer to play Counterstrike back in the day. Over the years I have contributed to open source software projects, presented at conferences, and help staff conventions. I have also mentored many new developers in various ways and fostered an apprenticeship program.

Most recently I have left my job at Datadog to persue a career in Cider and Mead making. In the mean time I am still writing software for myself and enjoying some travel while I can.

Contact Me

You can reach me via: